Tips on Repairing Your Air Conditioner

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In the middle of summer, you might find that your air conditioner is not sufficiently cooling the room or worse, it refuses to be switched on at all! What most people do is first to check that the basics are in place. The fuse may have blown, or the circuit breaker may have tripped. Before making a service call to the AC repair company, it is probably a good idea to check that there are batteries in the remote!

A lot of AC users resort to DIY techniques to handle problems with their household gadgets. Whether it is troubleshooting the blender or the cooling system, homeowners have a go at electronics. Air conditioner repair is a little more complex than troubleshooting your toaster or blender. For starters, below are some tips on repairing your air conditioner that you need to know:

Prevention is better than cure

Heating and cooling systems require regular maintenance for them to have a long shelve life. It is best to enter into an annual maintenance contract with an AC repair company close to you. That way you can be sure that the unit is being serviced at regular intervals and by professionals. Nobody wants an unpleasant surprise on a summer’s day when the outside temperature can turn your home into a cranked up oven.

Do Those Checks

Yes, those checks might sound silly, but those are the first things one needs to do when there is trouble. Is the AC plugged in at all or has the plug lose from the socket? What are the settings? If the AC settings are accidentally disturbed and are changed to something other than ‘cool,’ it might be the root of the problem. Clean the filters to make sure they are dust free. Use the trouble shooting guide in the users’ manual. No one wants to foot the bill for a service call when pressing a few buttons on the remote would have done the trick! Though these seem like obvious things to do, they are often overlooked in haste.

A Word of Caution

Air conditioner unit repair is a professional job. Leave it to them. If it does seem like there is something wrong with the AC unit and it needs professional attention, it is advisable not to tinker with the unit at all. Condensers, coolants, and capacitors are the domain of technicians. Attempting to repair the cooling unit might damage them and of course void warranty if any.

In conclusion, getting professional help for the repair of heating and cooling systems can be expensive, but it depends on the level of repair you need for your air conditioner system. On an average, it might cost a homeowner anything between 100 to 500 dollars depending on the complexity of the job. Simple jobs like replacing coolant cost less while repairing condensers might cost much more.

Regular and timely maintenance seems like the best option to save both trouble and cost, and an annual maintenance contract is the best way to achieve the balance.

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