Coffee Capsules or Fresh Coffee?

By June 15, 2017General

As the name of coffee reaches our ears we immediately feel its taste and fragrance, so refreshing and inviting, it instantly fills us with energy, and we are ready to embark on a road of a daily routine. Most of us start their day with a cup of coffee that are of various types. Some like it in a Turkish style, some prefer instant coffee and who knows, with milk or without, with cream and without and a lot more. But all of them provide energy and help us in better working.

There is a great demand for coffee worldwide and accordingly a great choice, it is becoming more and more convenient for usage, and are produced instantly dissolvable ones or coffee capsules that are small plastic containers with aluminum fossil seals with an instant coffee in it or machine-compatible branded capsules. Some may look at capsules suspiciously and ask Why coffee capsules can taste just as good as fresh coffee? Let me consider the issue. There are capsules of the closed or open system; the latter one allows more range of product to be used in the coffee machine while closed one means you can use only one brand for your machine.Coffee capsules can withstand the pressure of machines.

Some people think coffee contained in capsules is not fresh and cannot have a fresh taste, why so? I can say that capsules contain real coffee in them, just they are more convenient for usage and portability.

Freshly ground coffee tastes better, while capsules are more convenient and sometimes quality is sacrificed for convenience. The flavor of caffeine we adore is extracted by boiling water when we brew fresh coffee, it tastes better, because after the roasted coffee beans are grounded and brewed extracts natural oils when the boiling water contacts it. When we ground the beans, the natural oils are instantly released, and they are very sensitive when contacting the outer influences.

Ground coffee can lose its qualities in the conditions of odor contamination or moisture. Also, oxygen does a great part in coffee aroma keeping after coffee is grounded it loses its aroma.

But still let me tell you if capsules can taste as fresh coffee, first of all, I would like to note that coffee loses its flavor and aroma after it is grounded, but it does not lose them fully, some percents are remaining, the content of capsules is a ground coffee, so it means it has still its aroma, and it is coffee, not some artificial one. Most of us keep ground coffee and utilize it on a daily basis, so what is the difference? We don’t often have the luxury to devote too much time to coffee grounding and brewing process.

Sure, what is natural is better, but the modern world with its accelerated lifestyle rarely gives us the chance to have the luxury of the coffee making ceremony with all its pleasures.

In the end, I would like to say that coffee is coffee, freshly ground or kept in the capsules like k cups, it tastes the same because capsules are not of different origin just the ground coffee in it, that is all, but they have one benefit, and it is their convenience. They both taste like coffee and fill us with energy.

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